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Art in the Garden Stanwell House
Art in the Garden | Stanwell House
Art in the Garden is a new outdoor art event by The Local Art Scene. Working with local venues, The Local Art Scene can create venue specific outdoor...
Autumn Walk
Dot Mornington-West
I began painting using watercolour but almost always use artist's acrylic, or sometimes water based oil.
Art by the Sea | Lepe Country Park
Art by the Sea | Lepe Country Park
Art by the Sea Lepe Country Park is our new destination for exploring local art on the Western shores of the New Forest.
Sandy Poynter
Sandy Poynter
Sandy is a local artist living in the heart of the New Forest, and gets her inspiration from the beauty, animals and location around her. Sandy is...
Hannya Robinson
Hannya Robinson
Hannya is an experienced sailor and nature enthusiast. She paints with mixed media in all sizes.
GreatArt Suppliers
GreatArt is the UK's largest range of art materials with over 60,000 products available online.
Deborah Ware
Debz Drawings
Deborah is a self-taught artist living on the outskirts of Bournemouth. She specialises in drawing portraits of celebrities, pulling a funny...
Nude Tin Can Gallery
Nude Tin Can Gallery
With art exhibitions, unique paintings, sculptures and designer jewellery - art lovers will experience original quality art and one off pieces at...
St Albans
Boundaries and Beyond
Boundaries and Beyond
The artists have been invited to present artworks exploring an array of possibilities of being creative either within boundaries and/or beyond.
Central London
Abstract 1
Helen Lack
Helen Lack is a contemporary artist working in the UK and producing large format and statement art. She has a unique style with is energetic,...