About The Local Art Scene

The Local Art Scene was created by Lymington entrepreneur Trevor Hart, as a way of finding local galleries, artists, art exhibitions and events when visiting towns and cities.

How does the site work?
The business is run as a social enterprise, relying on contributions made by local members: artists, art galleries, events, exhibitions and local suppliers. The website is designed to clearly direct the visitor to local artists, art galleries, suppliers, exhibitions and events in towns and cities. The Local Art Scene is a great way to reach out to art buyers, galleries and customers in your local area.

How does The Local Art Scene market itself?
Proprietor Trevor Hart is a specialist in search engine optimisation. All pages and images on the website have been optimized to be indexed on the major search engines. As a result over 3000 pages are ranked in the top 10 search results, generating over 2million annual visits to the website. To help boost additional traffic, we also pay for Google ads on local searches.

Pop up community art gallery

The Local Art Scene creates opportunities for local artists to be able to show and exhibit their work at venues and locations throughout Hampshire and the New Forest.

We are a small friendly non automated hands-on business. Making contact is easy. You will get straight through to someone who can action your questions and website updates.
By Telephone:
+44 (0)1590 689755

By Email
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