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Art in the Village Pitch Bookings

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Pitches Available

9 x Indoor Hanging Grids
6 x Indoor Table Pitches
12 x Outdoor Hanging Grids (Weather Permitting)

Pitch Fees

1 x Pitch = £35 per day
Membership Discount = 25%
Not a member? Click here for details

Pitch Info

Hanging pitches are configured in a T of 6 gridwalls (As shown)
Pitches are one side on the T (3 gridwalls)
Size = 1.8m (H) x 1.8m (W)
The Local Art Scene provides the pitch and s-hooks
Small tables allowed against your gridwall pitch for cards and prints

What you need to bring?

The Local Art Scenes provides the shelters, the hanging grids and s hooks for picture hanging. All the painting artists need to bring, are their paintings for sale.

If you have booked a table pitch, please bring along a table no longer than 2m.


As this is an outdoor event, artists must have their own insurance. Cheapest we found was membership to a-n which include public liability insurance for just £36 per year. Click Here for details.

Limited pitches available

Whilst every effort will be made to keep the dates shown below up-to-date, your order may exceed the number of pitches available. If this occurs, you will be offered an alternative date.

Pitch fees are non-refundable.

Order your dates below:

Select your date/s above.

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