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Why you should join your local art scene?

  • Get noticed by a wider audience supporting local art in their communities
  • Get your page indexed on Google, so that people can find you direct when searching for you on Google and Bing
  • Everything on one page, no searching multiple pages
  • Show examples of your work 24/7
  • Drive more traffic to your own website
  • Increase your followers on social media
  • Promote your art exhibitions and events
  • Show people where you are exhibiting and what organisation you are a member of
  • We can create and maintain your listings for you, so that your page is always up to date
  • Or, log in to your own user account to create and maintain your own listings

Search Pages

Artist Webpage

  • Name
  • Address
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  • 5 Examples of artistic style
  • Artist Statement
  • Website Link
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  • Exhibition/Galleries showing your work
  • Photo
  • Add 5 artworks for sale to your online gallery
  • Advertise your local events in the diary
Search Pages

Gallery/Club/Supplier Webpage

  • Company Logo
  • Business Name
  • Location Address
  • Contact Telephone
  • 5 Photos
  • Description about the business/event/artist
  • Opening Times
  • Entry Costs
  • Website Link
  • Social Media Links
  • Email Address
  • Local member/exhibitors shown on your page

Annual Listing Fee - £60


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