AFAN Alessandro Fantini

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To me making Art means planting the seed of the invisible into the soil of reality. The greatest reward is to watch the plant growing before my eyes and taking shape between my fingers.

I coined the neologism “multimedianic” to better define my versatile creative system by using the metaphorical image of the “medium”. During the séances, the latter is the living channel through which the spirits are able to manifest themselves into the human dimension. Thus, they can communicate by sounds or words spoken by the medium or formed on the “ouija” board, or even reveal themselves in material shapes like the so-called “ectoplasm” emitted by his body."

Obviously I don’t mean to give scientific credit to these paranormal phenomena: I just consider them an effective poetic way to describe my own artistic process, whose main precondition is the urge to translate, often simultaneously, an over human language through several human procedures able to preserve its selfless and outlandish quality into their wide range of expressive codes.

AFAN aka Alessandro Fantini was born in Sangro Valley, Italy. His creative inclination arose during his early childhood when he began drawing comics and writing tales influenced by gothic and decadentist horror authors such as Edgar Allan Poe, Maupassant, Sheridan le Fanu, Lovecraft and Gabriele d'Annunzio. Disliking art school teachings, he learned oil painting techniques by himself and started painting his first canvases in 1993. During the nineties he developed his own visionary style blending the surrealist attitude with hyperrealism and Flemish painting methods. In 2002 he graduated with first class honours in modern literature with a thesis about the relationship between Italian culture and the PreRaphaelism.

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