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Agnes Arts

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Fungi Elegante
Abstract of my own
Ocean Trio
My Purple Love
Pink Galaxi

Agnes Arts

My name is Agne Vaigauskaite. Born in Moscow Russia (1985) and raised in Lithuania Klaipeda, I am a self-taught artist based in London.

Painting has taken my soul from the first time I touched the canvas. By spending most of my time within nature, forests and parks due to my profession (landscape gardener), I was easily inspired by all that surrounded me.

Since I was a little girl I have been particularly fascinated by fungi, moss and everything nature had to offer. With time, I became more passionate about it and painting them became a little obsession of mine.
Thru the use of acrylic paints and my brush, I have found freedom and personal expression which I portray in my abstract world!

I welcome you into my space...
"Agnes in Wonderland"

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