Andrew Johnson

Purple Smarties
Rains Pours
Red Rocks
Sky Flasher
Andrew Johnson

Having spent many years toying with art, I now have a specific style that I like to describe as Fluid, Abstract and Drip Art influenced by and inspired from the likes of Jackson Pollock, Dawn Crothers, Stephen Lee and an artist by the name of Swarez.

At the beginning, the sheer passion and enjoyment for painting motivated me to put paint to canvas, but now having the ability to share my work through this site and showcase my creative pieces to people beyond close friends and family really inspires me.

Looking back, it was inevitable that this creative streak inside me would explode and break free enabling me to paint the colourful abstract pieces that I create today.

As a self-taught artist, I find it so enjoyable to get the headphones on in my Lymington studio, let the music spur my creativity and allow my mind to run away with a piece. Over time this approach has enabled me to get better and better and produce pieces that are not only admirable but have been such fun to create.

I use acrylic and mediums to paint on to purchased frames and canvasses in a variety of sizes but if you don’t see something that is perfect for you… get in touch and I can create something special for you to enjoy.

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Art For Sale
by Andrew Johnson
The Colours
40" x 16"
Fire Place
70" x 50"
40" x 30"
Never Mind the Pollocks
24" x 18"
Aqua Blew
40" x 16"
Nautical Chaos Theory
40" x 16"
Night Flasher
40" x 16"
Solent Nightmare
40" x 16"

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