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Anna Wright

Anna is an Amateur Hampshire Artist living in the heart of a busy town, who enjoys the luxury of a small and very precious studio at her home she shares with her family.

Art has been an obvious choice for Anna since early on in her life, after having such an inspiring art teacher during her secondary years and flourishing at such encouragement, it was the obvious choice when moving onto further education. She took subjects in Fine Art, Sculpture and Photography and felt very lucky to be able to pursue such a passionate college education. She ventured into full time employment after A-levels and feels she missed her chance to pursue her passions any further but doesn’t feel this has held her back.

In more recent years, encouraged by friends and family, it became a big part of her life; it became an important form of expression and release from a busy working and family life. Creating art and displaying for all to see is such a personal process for her and its easy to see her emotions each piece she creates.

Although she had a successful season at the Winchester Arts and Crafts Market she has had very limited exposure but is very much looking forward to exhibiting more frequently in the future.

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