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Arty Pumpkin

In the dim and distant past Arty Pumpkin studied Graphic Art at Camberwell College of Art. Having fulfilled her; earning a living and childrearing responsibilities, she returned to her love of drawing, especially life drawing.

Over the past few years she has begun to explore a variety of media; pencil, pastel, paint, print, discovering a penchant for words and phrases. Keeping a record of any heard or read - from the radio, papers, books, poems, people's mouths, always having a pen in her hair, and if no paper is available, will record them on her hands. She is also a bit of a scribbler and will take any opportunity to draw unsuspecting people and places.

Also happy to take commissions.

Newbury, Berkshire
01635 845990
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Beg Pardon St Peter
Beg Pardon St Peter | £200.00
490 x 520mm
Hypocrisy | £280.00
610 x 655mm

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