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Carol Bryant

I am a sculptor, pastel painter and photographer based in the New Forest. I specialise in African animals, mostly the big cats and cheetahs in particular. I am also interested in the British wildlife of the New Forest, where there are abundant and fascinating artistic opportunities.

I am particularly interested in muscle structure of the animals I sculpt. I aim to make them come to life for the viewer: the lion, top predator and deadly; the leopard, always the opportunist killer; the cheetah, ever watchful and a speed machine; and wild dogs, the clever strategists that almost never miss their prey.

I use photographs I have taken in Africa, where I worked with cheetah and wild dog conservation, and life study wherever possible.

My work is nearly always representational because this brings an animal to life for me.

I have sold internationally and exhibited widely in Britain. I occasionally accept commissions.

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