Gavin Johnson

I am an abstract artist based in London. I am self-taught working with acrylics on a wide range of different surfaces. I fell in love with abstract art during the first lockdown in 2020 and have not looked back ever since, using every opportunity I had to paint, practice, and develop my style.

I came from a very artistically gifted family with many musicians, artists, and designers influencing me as I grew up, but it was never really something I felt could be a career for me. I studied economics for my degree and being a strong athlete, I entered the world of track and field athletics first partaking in the decathlon and later the javelin where I experienced several national and international successes winning medals and representing England.

When the lockdown occurred which effectively cancelled my season, I took the opportunity to explore other interests further, first taking a life coaching course as I had always had a keen interest in psychology. This inspired me to write 3 short books of which one I published. This leads me back to my art now having an abundance of time on my hands and I fell in love with a style called Dutch pour or fluid art.

I tireless practiced and developed the style in such a way to represent the messages and feelings I wanted to convey, striving to break the limits of what this style can do. I threw everything I had into it going from a friend’s kitchen space to my own studio in central London selling all over the world.