Gillian Goodridge

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I graduated with a BA (Hons) First Class Fine Art degree from The Arts University Bournemouth in 2012. I'm a painter. I make other kinds of work - installations and readymades - but really, it all relates to painting on one or more than one level: the process, the classification, the history, of painting. I make both abstract and representational artwork but like to somewhat abstract the representational.

My current work is inspired by the sky and the relationship between the sky and what lies beneath it and by the marks and tokens of the everyday. I'm interested in the joining or touching line between the sky and land or sea and in horizons. I find great beauty in the everyday and I am making work in which I use stains and marks, ‘residuals', as my starting point.

I am currently painting miniatures and small canvases and digitally-produced and installation work is developing from these. Simplicity, humility and multiplicity married with detail and a considered selection of size and support are mechanisms that I am employing to lull the viewer into a more fully-focused state of directed awareness.

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