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Graham Dore

Graham Dore

Graham produces a variety of artwork ranging from wall hanging pieces and small items for use indoors, to larger sculptures for our outdoor display. The outdoor sculptures makes a perfect focal points for gardens, lawns or patio areas.

‘Since childhood whilst working with my father, I have developed a keen interest in handicraft of all types including both woodwork and metalwork. Throughout my adult life I have continued to hone these skills, keeping up to date with emerging techniques and enhancing my workshop with better and more professional equipment as household budgets have permitted. More recently I have focused my lifelong interest in metal craft towards metal sculpture and in March 2010 I took voluntary redundancy and early retirement from a professional engineering career to allow time to cultivate this new found passion.

‘I get inspired when I am out and about kayaking, running, cycling or walking; apart from being out in nature these times are when my mind has a chance to wander.’

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