Jacqui Sieger
Old Harry by Jacqui Sieger

Jacqui Sieger

Jacqui Sieger is an acrylic/oil romantic contemporary artist. Jacqui was born in Swanage during the war, as her father was one of the pioneering scientists for radar and then colour TV. This pioneering attitude has carried on through Jacqui's painting, creating an amazing 3D effect. Her work is reproduced on different mediums and can be made to your requirements.

Jacqui in an international artist and shown at solo shows in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and The Birmingham NEC Show. Visit Jacqui's own art gallery near Ringwood, where she will be able to show and explain her work at your leisure.

Jacq Art Studio, Grove House, 9 Foxbury Road, St Leonards, Ringwood, Hampshire
01202 032431
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