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Janie is a self-taught artist from a family with a strong tradition in painted media, and has painted and sketched all her life. She worked for many years in the Music Industry in a variety of jobs, which included both directing and producing music videos, until she moved out of London to live in the New Forest in 2007.

Whilst in London, Janie painted and sketched landscapes and buildings, often on commission, and she does still undertake commissioned works.

Since moving to the country, however, Janie has discovered her love of birds, and now concentrates on painting and sketching birds, and spends every opportunity she can to watch and learn about their behavior, to perfect her style, and give life and movement to her paintings.

Fordingbridge, New Forest
01425 650805
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Art For Sale
by Janie Penny
Foster's Tern
28cm (H) x 36cm (W)
Andean Flamingo
23cm (H) x 34.5cm (W)
Diving Pelican
41cm (H) x 31cm (W)
Four Green Woodpeckers
23cm (H) x 27cm (W)
Four Red Crested Pochards
21.5cm (H) x 35cm (W)
18.5cm (H) x 33cm (W)
Keel-Billed Toucan
23cm (H) x 30.5cm (W)
22cm (H) x 15cm (W)
Two White Ibises
26cm (H) x 31cm (W)

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