Jason Miller

Jason is based in Poole, Dorset. He has a background in Art History, business, and art and design education. Jason has a BA (Hons) in Applied Art and Design from Bournemouth University and is now enjoying life as a full-time artist and sculptor.

Jason’s current art practise involves the exploration of colour and light in pared down two and three-dimensional compositions. His painting process begins with colour studies in gouache and watercolour. These evolve into larger expressive and meditative paintings as Jason transfers his visual ideas and painterly techniques to canvas.

Jason’s sculptural work is created from found materials, particularly wood as found in nature and as processed timber:

‘The influences which feed my work are the local landscape and most particularly the light; the native bird colourings I see whilst birding; a long-term practise of meditation and of course the art and craft that I regularly seek out for inspiration/ These are the things of care and quiet joy that interest me and inspire me to work.’

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