Jo Bird

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For Jo, art is emotion; how she feels when creating a piece and how people feel when they see it is important, but either way, different pieces evoke different emotions in different people, exactly as it should be. Jo’s inspiration comes from her emotional response to life around her. Sights, sounds, smells, textures, shapes, colours, anything that makes her ‘feel’ is fair game for her creativity. She’s an avid reader and books add to the melting pot of inspiration considerably. She has even written her own self-help book which she personally illustrated.

Jo lives in the home counties in the UK and has always been immersed in art. Her father was an artist and she was always sat at his knee with paper and pencils, but for decades it was no more than a hobby… Until it wasn’t. Describing herself as a logical creative Jo’s love of the sciences often shows through in her work as she gives the subject her own creative twist.

Although mostly self-taught Jo does have a foundation degree in art and design. She works in a variety of media but her favourites are ink, watercolour and pencil and a lot of her work has a design element to it.

Reading, Berkshire
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