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The work of Leticia Marcos seems as if it was painted with sea water. The prows mark an axis between the sea surface and the sky. This verticality fills the scenes of small boats, parked with tranquility, on the seas with drama. The stillness of the sails tells us that the boats depend entirely on the movement of the ocean, they are at their disposal. The painter's purpose is to portray the blue melancholy that permeates the sea and its surroundings, a solitary lighthouse, an abandoned ship or a coastal city in the distance, for example. The maritime character of the artist's brush is between the figurative and the impressionist. Achieving thus, a genuine style, natural and rhythmic, as the waves of the sea.

It should be mentioned that the aqueous effects of acrylics are part of his work. On the other hand, the rounded perspectives combined with the cold tones of blue and purple distinguish their canvases from those of other contemporary artists. The author enjoys diluting the painting to its last luminosities to later apply it in its pure state. The transparencies of its backgrounds are obtained due to the several years he had experience in watercolor. Hence her passion for water. Her brushstrokes are mixed, both spontaneous and studied, as well as stressed and attenuated. Finally, blurry and inaccurate characters make us look again and again to try to understand them.

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