Liu Xianghua

Arhat Bed
Surround Beauty Villa

My artistic practices focus on exploring the possibility of multicultural identity in network society, I call it’s concept as “Light uniform flow”.

Yet the paradox is that my installation works always find the new possibility derived from neglected culture and grassroots, such as an introversive view in traditional gardening, and wisdom of making the best use of everything. As to materials in my installation, I prefer used household goods that inexpensive or free, and easy to implement or carry.

In my practice of public ink Art, With the ink portrait demonstration on scene, the ink art effectively penetrate into the urban community and public space. The characteristics of my freehand ink art language and its operation process is easy and fast, humanized and natural, active and variable. "Impromptu" is not scientific achievements, but also not faith or sense achievements, it belongs to the visual representation of the character and consciousness of the human nature, namely the instant implementation of active. Taking advantage of some modern industrial mass production of daily necessities, I also uses the ink with paper towels to implement the public ink art, the installation language developed from the form of scroll and extended the tradition of "Impromptu" from the ancient ink art media to 3D space, brought effective plasticity to the public space; Ink installation in indoor and outdoor public space, and public events of paper towel ink scroll creation, extends the boundar y of traditional ink Art while intervening and promoting mutual communication and interaction of different ethnic groups of community, as well as enhancing the level of social civilization.

Academy of Fine Arts, Minzu University of China, 27 Zhongguancun South Street, Beijing
132 611 877 22
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