Blagdon Gape
Avon River

Maggie Frampton

My lovely Mum always said I could draw before I could walk. Her memory was really clear about this because of the number of times I scribbled wax crayon on the kitchen wall.

But then, I know I was so lucky to be born into an artistic and artisan family, running a small pottery on the western edge of the New Forest and bringing up a brood of budding artists, so there was always loads of encouragement.

Edging now on retirement now as I am, I can look back on a working life of all manner of ceramics from sculpture to egg cups and artwork from my first commissioned mural to my current love of seascapes and landscapes.

Just as well that I live between the Solent and the Forest :-)

I've a fascination with rigged craft of any kind, which almost matches my love of the delicate branches of trees, so it's no wonder I work with the tiniest of brushes sometimes. Though that doesn't exclude my love of the muddies totally - the old pottery may well be closed but I still make a range of pottery mugs in my 'calm and huggable mug' range along with other bits that just keep my hand in and allow me to retain my 'potter' title - just!

So, there you go, I guess that's me, artist, potter and general creative, living life between woods and the shoreline.

*hope you enjoy my work and perhaps I'll see you at one of the pop-up exhibitions :-)

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