Consuming Fire

Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith

I've always had a love for drawing and painting from a young age. Having spent much of my early childhood within minutes from the beach and countryside I've always associated creation with freedom and inspiration. In secondary school I couldn’t get enough of painting and I soon developed my interest in the history of art. Later moving to Plymouth to study an undergraduate, attending from 2011, I graduated in 2014 with BA (Hons) Art History.

My attendance at University stretched my mind, challenged my art, character, work ethic and spirituality. With the demands of a degree that largely revolved around reading and writing about art, the actual creating of art took a back seat.I quickly fell into the thinking pattern of many artists – ‘that i could never make something out of just painting and it would be easier to just not use it.’ This pattern of thinking ended once I experienced new cultures and people that would broaden my perspective. I began to dream bigger and step outside of my comfort zones.

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