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Autumn Walk

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Paula Holland

Colour, pattern, light and form; Four of the most important aspects for my work.

On my outings I find objects that fascinate or enthral me. Such as unlikely combinations of rusty wisps of metal, seaweed, wood, feathers from road kill, stones, tangled strings...these I turn into still-life paintings or mini kingdoms.

My work on abstract paintings gives me the freedom to use gestural marks, texture and soaring, unrealistic colour that affects the interpretation by the viewer. I use whatever medium I feel best describes the subject and prefer to work on a larger scale than small. However, I recently started taking A5 mounted cards to turn them into original, one off, watercolour images.

My camera is a vital tool. It holds the moment, it gives me reference. When commissioned to portray a beloved pet I really try to understand the animals character by meeting him/her on a walk with its owner and taking action shots whenever possible.

As I wander around the New Forest or stroll along the shores nearby, there is an abundance of weird and wonderful things to see. All God's creatures inspire me; bugs, birds, quadrupeds (furry, scaly, hairy or shelled) and beautiful marine life, even Homo sapiens!

The feast of everything I see, everyday, feeds my soul and my art.
Written 2019 by Paula Holland, BA (Hons) Fine Art.

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