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Peter Goodhall | Devon
The White Boat
Low Tide
Tranquillity XV
Peter Goodhall

Peter Goodhall is a recognised professional artist and since his first solo show in 1980 he has been widely exhibited, published and also holds a collection of international awards.

Having always been fascinated by water and influenced by photo-realism he remains a representational marine painter working in oils with a high degree of realism in both traditional and contemporary styles.

His more contemporary paintings of water and those combining water with the female nude are worked exclusively from his own photography. These paintings are often on a large scale and capture the sensual forms and patterns which emphasize both the movement and play of light creating images that are bold yet tranquil and abstract yet representational.

Sidmouth, Devon
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Art For Sale
by Peter Goodhall
Liberty III
102cm x 61 cm
Limited edition print on canvas
Tranquillity XVI
Tranquillity XVI
122cm x 122cm
Oil on Linen

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