Philip Steer Art

Eclipse by Philip Steer Art
Blue Mountain by Philip Steer Art

I'm interested in the process of painting, mixing colours and laying them down on a canvas and seeing how they buzz and hum. I use brushes, spatulars and squeeges to push and pull colour into shapes, trying to remain free and let the paint flow in and out of form. Knowing when a painting is finished is something I've learned through years of practise and of course getting it wrong. You have to stop at a point before the painting tilts back into a mess!

The paintings are abstract in appearence however the reality comes from the magic, and the coming into being of the colour, light and forms that I am willing into being, this is the thing I love about painting. The struggle or the dance if you will that one engages in when you pick up a brush and un-wrap a fresh canvas. It's not easy but one must go into battle in the hope of winning or at least having given it your best shot. The paintings are generally calming, serene spaces, a place to enter with an open mind or simply a resting place for the eye, a reminder that there is beauty in pure colour, painterly marks and abstraction.

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