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Richard Grant

3D Acoustic Sculpture by Richard Grant

Richard Grant is a maker of incredible things, combining strategy and experience with deep perspective. Working and collaborating with NASA, HRH, Disney, RCA, Abbey Road Studios (An invited Mentor at the first ever RED Hackathon 2018) among many others for incredible projects and is delighted to be part of the artist roster.

His sculpture work combines simple powerful ideas involving acoustics and immersion and engages primal senses such as hearing, touch, sight and smell. Intentionally encouraging audience participation through novel technical invention in  traditional, digital and additive manufacturing arenas through collaboration with brilliant individuals and organisations.

Fortunate to have worked globally with the biggest brands, artists and establishments whilst resolving and leading creative projects, mentoring and producing. His work is recognised through feature film, digital content, brand advertising and experiential projects following on from an extensive career in the UK feature film industry: IMDB.

Richard mentors and advises across many industries and exhibits his personal sculpture work at specialist events and installations.

Maidenhead, Berkshire
+44 (0) 7802 987147