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Richard Young FRSA

I am a UK national, born in Yorkshire, in 1961, and now based in Reading, UK where I have my office and studio.

Though I have always had a flair for pencil and chalk drawing, I began oil painting at the age of 12, studied hard and practiced in every spare moment, enjoying early regional competition success and media publicity for my work in the North of England. Fortunately, my tutors recognized my skill and encouraged me to undertake both my Ordinary and Advanced level art exams a few years earlier than my peers, which I passed with the top grades. Being financially driven at that time, in 1983 I graduated in engineering and with a passion to travel, I initially pursued a career as a design consultant with various International design consulting companies, residing primarily in the Middle East. Nevertheless, an artisan at heart, I returned to Commercial Art in 2003 as a semi- professional artist, and have extensively developed my own personal style and technique through exhaustive self-tuition and 'burning' the midnight oil. My artwork can be seen on my website, in numerous galleries, featured in magazine publications and in exhibitions. Several years ago, I was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts.

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