Steven Hart

While teaching Art and Design in Scottish Further Education colleges for over 22 years I experimented with a wide variety of different drawing, painting and illustration techniques, to produce many portrait commissions for private clients, family and friends.

I started really experimenting with the layering of my work and the inclusion of collage and photo montage a few years ago as I wanted my art works to be more than just ‘simple portraits’. I wanted each piece I created to really tell the story of the person’s life, and be different from other artists work. Most of my new portraits are created at quite a large scale and take many hours to complete as every single image in my complex and colourful background collages is cut out and pieced together by hand, making each piece completely unique. I also get each layer of my portraits professionally photographed, so that there are several different print versions for each piece.

In my work I use pencil, colour pencil, fine-line pen, graphic marker, acrylic paint, inks and cut and layered paper. I am heavily influenced by music, movies, sports, advertising, graphic novels & comic books, iconography and the Pop Art masters.

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