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Tony Clegg

Tony Clegg
Colmers Red Hill
Tony Clegg | Hampshire
Fields of Gold
Tony Clegg

Most of my work is in Acrylics and Watercolours using a variety of techniques. I prefer to develop an image by abstracting from reality whilst still retaining a measure of reality. I like to do things differently!

After taking early retirement in 1995 I started painting as a pastime following a career in commerce with a large multinational company. I felt some frustration after many years of endeavour having little tangible evidence to show for it and as a result started painting.

Whilst living in Lincolnshire, early tuition in water-colour and life drawing was pursued through the local College in Grantham, followed by instruction from a well known Lincolnshire floral artist, Janet Whittle SWA, SBA, SFP.

After moving to New Milton in 2001 I continued instruction from artist Daphne Ellman SWA and have extended my interest into Acrylics, Acrylic Inks and recently Oils. Most recently I have been following a more abstract and "loose" style under Helen Theobald, Jane Puckering and Anne Toase.

I became a member of several local art groups, exhibiting regularly in their exhibitions and was judged “best watercolour” in the Hengist Group exhibition 2005 and have exhibited locally in open exhibitions at the St. Barbe Museum, Lymington, with “ArtCare” at Salisbury Hospital, Hampshire Arts Week and Crafts Ancient and Modern in Christchurch Priory, local art group exhibitions and for several years the Hampshire Open Studio's event at the end of August. This is usually held at the Keyhaven Sea Scouts Hut by the Quay.

Besides conventional watercolour, I represent familiar locations in the coastline in a semi-abstract way with bright contemporary images, sometimes in vertical format, creating an unusual application of watercolour, exploiting its transparency but with depth of colour. Recently more and more work has been done in Acrylic and Mixed Media including the use of a palette knife and into subjects not previously explored.

New Milton, Hampshire
01425 617146 | 07762511959
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The Inn on the Hill
The Inn on the Hill
21” X 21”
Where Sheep May Safely Graze
Where Sheep May Safely Graze
19” x 19”

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