Tony Colli

Antonio is an experienced and passionate multi-media artist with over a decade of work experience in the media industry. He holds a master of arts in Photography “The Image & Electronic Arts” completed at Goldsmiths University of London. He lives and works in London and he’s part of a co-operative of emerging artists @ the Espacio Gallery in Shoreditch. He regularly exhibits new works in national and international galleries.

Brief Artist Statement
My work focuses on the construction of a compilation of projected images derived from different sources used as primary projections. The aim is to challenge the limitations of various artistic mediums used as well as the subject to ultimately record and capture these projected image (s) onto an observable format. My most recent project entitled “Projections” explores an internal and external projection of the human body forms and its intricacies through capturing an infinite of images interlacing all together to eventually form a prime and focal image. My methodical approach in expressing my creativity and manipulation technique leads the viewer to experiencing an alternative perspective of each creation process formed with the scope of inducing ones subjective emotions.

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