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Audrey Hepburn
Manchester City
Portrait 2
The Dog
Zanna Zagriva

From a young age I was making creative clothing, accessories and furniture for myself and my clients. I try to make unique things for every person.

I am a qualified clothing designer.

At the moment I create pictures and portraits for people.

If you would like to make an original present for someone, I am the person you can to speak to.

I have created this way of making my pictures. Using MDF wood. I cut out my design and after that I cover it up with a 100% wool fabric. My pictures are not always portraits for people, they can also have a photo of your pet or your favorite football club’s badge.

In order to contact me, you can leave your phone number and your message. You can also offer your own ideas for a picture.

I deliver inside the UK for an extra fee and we can also discuss an international delivery.

The Dog
800 x 800 mm - £150 (wood + 100% wool fabric)
Audrey Hepburn
900 x 900 mm - £250 (wood + 100% wool fabric)
Manchester City
1200 x 900 mm - £250 (wood + 100% wool fabric)

07512 553 136
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Zanna Zagriva

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