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The Local Art Scene helps artists, galleries events and suppliers get seen online. If you are too busy running your business or don't have the technical know how and patience to create and maintain your online exposure, subscribe to The Local Art Scene and we will get you noticed in no time at all.

Reach out to over 2.3million readers per year for the equivalent of just £5 per month!

We are local to you!
We have over 4000 local towns and cities listed. All indexed on the search engines for localised searches. For instance, if someone enters the search term 'local artists exeter', the link will land on the Artists in Exeter page.
Annual Membership £60.00 / €65.38 / $70.89
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Display your gallery of current work for sale and sell direct to our customers.

Retrieve your stored art from the back of the wardrobe or from under the bed and add them to your page for all to see.

Your individual listings include an image, size and price and contact telephone, so customers can contact you direct to purchase your work for sale. Also included is an outbound link to buy from your etsy shop or similar shop sites.

  • Artworks added to your page and the online catalogue.
  • No commission to pay on sales.
  • Customers contact your direct to buy.
  • Your pages shared to over 16,000 followers.
Each new listing is added to our online shop and includes image, dimensions and price.
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Webpage Listing | £60.00

Advertise here for the equivalent of just £5 per month!

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High profile banner advertising displayed in the header on selected pages.

Website Creation & Support | £600.00

Let us take the strain out of managing your art website and online marketing.

Sell Your Art Direct | £10.00

Display your gallery of current work for sale and sell direct to your customers.

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