Online Art Gallery

Online Art Gallery

Create your own online art gallery!
Join The Local Art Scene and create a listing that will greatly improve your online exposure, so that people can easily find you and examples of your work all year round.

All our members' listings have the added advantage on being found easily on Google, so that when anyone searching specifically for you, and clicking on the link, will land directly on your page. On your page, they can view example of your work, follow your social media, watch your video (If you have one), see where you are exhibiting, what you have for sale and contact you direct with ease.

Stress-Free Online Marketing
We will create your listing for you and expose your profile to 1000s of potential new customers every day!

Our listing gives you instant access to over 200,000 monthly visitors, and includes the following online features:
  • Your listing acts as your website. Your page will show up high in the Google searches. People clicking on the link will land on your page
  • Gallery of 6 images. This can be examples of work, inside and outside of your premises or lifestyle pictures.
  • Video playback. If you have a video about you or a tutorial, we can add your video to your page
  • Outbound links. We will add your website and social media links. If you have a website, this will increase your positioning on the search engines and drive traffic direct to your own website
  • Contact form. Avoid spam and receive genuine email enquiries

Free Updates
We will update your text and images free for the duration of your listing!

Choose from over 700 art scenes, or create your own!

Country listing
featured Banner (Top) ✔ Rotating
Regional listing
Town listing
Telephone number
Email link
Website link
Photo Gallery ✔ 6 x images
Google Map
Social links
Video Playback
Annual Cost £60

Please Note:
The Local Art Scene is a trading name of Hart Media Group.
All our listings last 12 months form the date of your order.
Artists & Galleries: Sell your art direct
If you would like to add your own gallery of art for sale to your online profile, please choose from the following options:
Each new listing is added to our online shop and includes image, dimensions and price.
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