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Trained as a Painter and gaining a PhD through Art Practice I extended my Painting Practice into Video. The threads of ideas, feelings and sensations run through my work. Returning to painting I devised a process of working with Built Canvases. As Artist in Residence I created 'Internal Landscapes', an installation of 8 built canvases, which is permanently sited in the Centre for Cancer...


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Buckland Rings Lymington
Local Artist

I set out to capture these shapes and textures in my work. For me, the Forest offers endless possibilities and new things to learn.

Local Artist

My work is on a trajectory, it moves across the external and internal worlds of landscape, interiors, people, and most recently, the issues and questions centred on the human/posthuman existence of today.

Local Artist
Boldre Grange, Lymington

I have been painting all my life, although more serious professional work pressures often took precedence. I am influenced by what I see in front of me, often local landscape, forest and sea.

Sandy Poynter
Local Artist

Sandy is a local artist living in the heart of the New Forest, and gets her inspiration from the beauty, animals and location around her. Sandy is often our sketching and taking photo references, observation as the key.

Local Artist

Local Gallery
47 Brookley Road, Brockenhurst, Hampshire SO42 7RB

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