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Paintings Wildlife

Browse our catalogue of Paintings Wildlife for sale. Order online or contact the seller direct.

A Celebration of British Wildlife

A Celebration of British Wildlife | £270.00
Justine Pateman
29cm (H) x 42cm (W)

Awd Sally

Awd Sally | £350.00
Lindsey Cole
66cm (H) x 56cm (W)
Glazed White Frame


Stag | £225.00
Trina Hart
76cm (H) x 61cm (W)

Brown Wolf

Brown Wolf | £250.00
Carol Bryant
35cm (W) x 44cm (H)
Silver Frame

The Fisher

The Fisher | £625.00
Lindsey Cole
51cm (H) x 76cm (W)

Rutting Stags

Rutting Stags | £750.00
Trina Hart
70cm (H) x 100cm (W)

Evening Sortie

Evening Sortie | £195.00
Barbara Jones
49cm (H) x 69cm (W)

Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin | £225 | £225.00
Trina Hart
43cm (H) x 53cm (W)
Charcoal Grey Frame


Turnstones | £260.00
Marion Royle
20cm (H) x 29.3cm (W)
Glazed Wooden Frame

Swanning Around

Swanning Around | £195.00
Barbara Jones
48cm (H) x 60cm (W)

Cat's Got it

Cat's Got it | £300.00
Marion Lewis
60cm (H) x 50cm (W)
Black Frame

Curlew 2

Curlew 2 | £260.00
Marion Royle
18.9cm (H) x 29.2cm (W)
Glazed Black Frame

Puffin Lookout

Puffin Lookout | £160.00
Julia Heissig
46cm (H) x 36cm (W)
Gold Frame

Watch Me Dance

Watch Me Dance | £72.00
Wendy Thompson
12" (H) x 16" (W)


Kingfisher | £175.00
Barbara Jones
50cm (H) x 50cm (W)

Mr Bumble

Mr Bumble | £72.00
Wendy Thompson
12" (H) x 16" (W)

Butterfly Heaven

Butterfly Heaven | £1,660.00
Uma Aslam
100cm (H) x 50cm (W) x 5cm (D)

Oystercatchers 4

Oystercatchers 4 | £260.00
Marion Royle
30.5cm (H) x 21.5cm (W)

Spirit Fox

Spirit Fox | £225.00
Trina Hart
43cm (H) x 54cm (W)
Chabby Chic Frame

Green Fox

Green Fox | £195.00
Trina Hart
52cm (H) x 69cm (W)

Who is looking at you?

Who is looking at you? | £225.00
Barbara Jones
48cm (H) x 50cm (W)


Hummingbird | £175.00
Barbara Jones
49cm (H) x 46cm (W)

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