Art Gallery/Group Listing

Group Membership

Promote your gallery, art club, society, studio, art collective, music band or dance group in your local area and attract interest from the local community.

Let us take away the stress of your website worries!
A listing on The Local Art Scene can complement or replace your existing website, saving you considerable stress on maintaining and updating your online activity.

This is a comprehensive listing that contains all your events and artists/members on just one page. Visitors can navigate easily between your local events and members' listings, which link back to your group page.

A group membership on The Local Art Scene can replace your out-of-date website or boost your existing online presence by tapping into a large audience interested in supporting local art in your area. With user access to the site, your listing can be updated at any time to ensure your details are always kept up-to-date.

Get your artists/members online!
As part of our group membership, we will add a basic profile for each of your club members or resident artists. Their profile will consist of 1 x gallery image, name and artist statement, linking back to your group page.
Post your annual events!
Add your annual exhibitions to your profile page, so that you can keep visitors and local supporters up-to-date with your calendar of events.

We will create your online profile for you!
We are a human-edited website and we will create and maintain your profile for the duration of your membership. Simply order your listing and we will do the rest, leaving you time to concentrate on running your art business!

What does your club get?
  • Its own web page that acts as its website. We will take over your website and add its contents to your web page. This will save you time and money.
  • Gallery of 4 images. These can be generic images or examples of members' work.
  • All annual events added. Add your calendar of events including annual events.
  • All members receive a basic artist profile. All artist members are entitled to a basic local advert.
  • 25% Members' discount for listing upgrade. Members can upgrade to full membership and save 25%.
  • We will do everything for you including updates. We will create and maintain your listing for the duration of your annual membership.


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