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Coastal Gallery Lymington
The Lymington Art Scene
Coastal Gallery is a leading independent contemporary art gallery, situated in Lymington in the New Forest. Coastal Gallery, Lymington, is a touchstone for exceptional and unusual contemporary art and design. Working with both emerging and long-established artists, the gallery specialises in collecting modern and contemporary art with an intrinsic life – enhancing value. Coastal Gallery...

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Coastal Gallery

Welcome to the Coastal Gallery art scene.
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Coastal Gallery Lymington
Local Gallery
4 Southampton Road Lymington Hampshire SO41 9GG
Coastal Gallery is a leading independent contemporary art gallery, situated in Lymington in the New Forest.

Roaring Tide
Local Artist

Jennie’s atmospheric seascapes capture the real essence of the sea and the elements. ‘Drawing and painting out in the landscape are an essential part of my work, using a sketchbook to record and gather information.

Sting Ray
Local Artist

Andy lives and works in Lymington. After leaving Brockenhurst College Sixth Form, Andy studied at Rytecotewood College of Agricultural Engineering in Thame, Oxfordshire.

Arkadiuz Nowicki
Local Artist

Born in Poland, Arkadiuz now lives and works in the New Forest. He creates his vessels from white stoneware clay, a strong and resilient medium.

Monet's Garden
Local Artist

Bev’s inspiration is found in the local boatyards and coastal areas, especially with the ephemeral colours, patterns and textures found on boat hulls and boatyard detritus.

Bubblegum Buzz
Local Artist

Brought up on a farm, Biddy experienced the constant cycle of birth, life and death. A fascination with this still holds, and Biddy’s inspiration is drawn from close observation of life cycles in nature.

Caroline Hall
Local Artist

Caroline works from an open studio in Winchester where visitors can come and go whilst she paints. ‘I am not an artist who yearns for solitude.

Chris Whittaker
Local Artist

Chris likes painting foliage and ‘the chaotic, messy bits of nature – the bits people walk past or over without noticing’. Working in oils and at life size, Chris has a meticulous eye for detail and a wonderfully quirky view of the world.

Seascape 31
Local Artist

Claire specialises in limited edition prints and greetings cards. She has an MA in Textile Design from the Royal College of Art in London, and designed knitwear for Alberta Ferreti and Valentino.

Claire Wiltsher
Local Artist

Claire works from a wonderful garden studio, and is one of our most popular contemporary landscape artists. We love Claire’s subtly evocative colour palette and painterly treatment of stormy Dorset skies, reminiscent of J W Turner’s paintings.

Floes of Ice
Local Artist

Influences from the Art Nouveau movement and it’s Fin de Siecle paintings saw Diane’s paintings become more concerned with the timeless elemental nature of what lies beneath her work, rather than representation of the landscape.

Porcelain Vessel
Local Artist

Gail specialised in ceramics and exhibited her work at New Designers in London – the annual showcase for the UK’s top graduate designers.

Machina by Geoffrey Robinson
Local Artist

My approach to painting has always been to look inside myself, rather than to interpret what goes in through my eyes. I make the paintings I want to see.

Local Artist

Gohar was born in Persia (now Iran) and spent her childhood years in France and Pakistan, soaking up the diverse visual language of those cultures.

Ingrid Sterling
Local Artist

Ingrid Sterling is from South Africa and studied sculpture when she came to London in the 1990s. Ingrid’s sculptures are bold and questioning, each piece with its own distinctive and unique character.

Sea Bowl
Local Artist

Jackie just loves making pots – a passion that began at Southampton College of Art when she was seventeen. She now has her own studio in the New Forest.

Wave 4
Local Artist

Jo creates bespoke designs and unique handmade collections from silver, gold and semi-precious stones.

Landscape 2
Local Artist

Julie moved to Milford on Sea in 2014, and is inspired by the wonderful Hampshire coast line, translating it into ‘abstractions of reality'. She is fascinated by the feel of the landscape and always works in series, her studio becoming a three-dimensional ‘sketchbook’ of ideas and experiments.

Local Artist

Martyn is one of the UK’s leading abstract painters and printmakers.

Mike Turner Sculpture
Local Artist

Michael has come along way since graduation in Design in 1997. At the beginning of his career, working from his parents garage, he used nuts and bolts and reclaimed steel to create all sorts of animals, reptiles and bugs.

Nicola Henshaw
Local Artist

Nicola is a sculptor making functional and decorative art for interiors and the outdoors.

After Hours I
Local Artist

Paul specialises in contemporary semi-abstract seascapes and landscapes, and distinctive portraiture.

Loop Vase
Local Artist

Peter uses either grogged porcelain or stoneware, fired to nearly thirteen hundred degrees, to create his stunning ceramic pieces.

Local Artist

Sally comes from a family of artists and works from a studio in her garden. Having been a radio presenter and journalist for many years, she began printmaking after moving to the South Coast.

Sheila Goodman
Local Artist

Sheila's work has a distinctive graphic style combined with stunning use of colour, and is largely inspired by the Dorset and Hampshire landscape.

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of the Parts I
Local Artist

Stephen works out of studios in the New Forest and South of France, where he runs highly successful painting and printmaking workshops throughout the summer months.

Local Artist

Stewart’s stunning metre square canvases take their cue from the colours of the sea and coastline; local fishing boats and beach huts.

Blue Boat
Local Artist

Victor lives by the sea and loves boats. He originally trained as a graphic designer, followed by a MA in Textile Design at the Royal College of Art in London.

Local Artist

Will Rochfort is a Hampshire based artist who works predominantly in oils and focuses on snapshots of people in time.

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