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Transparent City

Michael Wolf - Metropolis

24 October - 21 December
Bruce Silverstein Gallery, 529 West 20th Street, New York
Event Description: 

Bruce Silverstein is proud to present an exhibition dedicated to celebrating Michael Wolf’s life and prolific photographic legacy.

Over his 40+ year career, Wolf intimately explored architecture and urban life from Paris to Hong Kong. He examined not only building facades as art objects themselves, but also the lives within these buildings. Bodies of work such as Architecture of Density, Transparent City, Tokyo Compression, and Paris Rooftops are all explorations of the realities of 21st century metropolitan life and the constant etching away of privacy.

For Wolf, photographing was also an act of preservation. Making images was a way to remember, not only physical structures, but also the fragile social constructs that bind humans together. Structures built in the closest of proximities do not necessarily translate into close neighbors, and Wolf’s work poetically captures the tensions within these physical and mental boundaries. Shot with a large-format camera, Wolf exposed private moments among the multiplexes, and reminds us that isolation can be a hallmark of city living.

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