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Natural Perception

Natural Perceptions
06 - 10 August
Yellow Edge Gallery, 107 Stoke Road, Gosport PO12 1LR
Event Description: 

An exploration of the understanding and appreciation of the ‘landscape’ be it urban, rural or natural and it’s representation as contemporary landscape painting. A thorough appreciation of landscape requires all the senses, sight, hearing, touch, smell and intuition and is constructed according to our individual belief systems, scientific understanding and aesthetic codes.

Paul J Best
Paul is particularly drawn to painting landscapes and his work focuses on expressing the qualities of place, reflecting environmental themes, which become symbolic elements.

Landscape is a wonderfully rich concept. It exists at the interface between people, place and nature at a range of physical scales and is often loaded with layers of meaning and emotions. In my view landscape does not exist unless it is perceived... otherwise there is only land. It is an inseparable reading of the person perceiving it.

Karen Eames
Karen’s work is expressive, dreamlike and captures a sense of place. Her painting often relates to personal, visual experiences of everyday life. “I have an intuitive approach to painting preferring to explore the colours of dreams rather than reality”.

Landscapes, skies, countryside and wildlife appear throughout her work along with things that are part of a personal journey and history. Her work embraces life experiences from both the past and present, exploring memories and trajectories of everyday life.

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