Peter Johnstone - West Wight People and Place

Pete Johnstone
26 January - 13 May

What gives a place its sense of place? It might include, location, landscape, buildings, folklore, culture, local history and probably much more. To photographer Peter Johnstone the defining characteristic is the people themselves. People who live and work in an area, whether born and bred or a more recent arrival. As a recent newcomer to the Island he set himself a challenge – to find the sense of place of West Wight through photographing people and asking them about their connection to ‘their’ own place in the West Wight. West Wight People and Place seeks to capture the contribution that people are making to this diverse rural community, be it around the sea, landscape, heritage or the community itself.

Opening Hours: 

10.00 - 4.00pm

Dimbola Museum, Terrace Lane, Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight PO40 9QE
01983 756814

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