Rotterdam International Art Fair

Rotterdam International Art Fair Interior
7 - 8 September 2018
Rotterdam International Art Fair

Rotterdam is playing host to talent from all around the world when it stages the second Rotterdam International Art Fair from 7th to 8th September 2018. Proudly part of the famous Rotterdam 24 hour Culture Festival, which is widely promoted throughout the city.

Rotterdam Int'l Art Fair is the international art fair in the Dutch city that brings over 150 exhibitors from around the globe for Rotterdam to enjoy! Attracting art galleries, cultural institutions, art critics and collectors. Offering over 3,000 art pieces on display for exhibition and sale, this is a prime opportunity to immerse oneself into a rich collection of global art either as investor, dealer or purchaser at de Laurenskerk.

De Laurenskerk, Grotekerkplein 27, 3011 GC Rotterdam, Netherlands

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