Art Exhibitions and Events - August

Visit local art exhibitions and community events in August.

Browse through the list of local events in August or define your search by selecting the town in the search. You will find a variety of local events including art club exhibitions, community projects, exhibitions and art workshops.

02 - 05 August
Natural Perceptions
06 - 10 August
An exploration of the understanding and appreciation of the ‘landscape’ be it urban, rural or natural and it’s representation as contemporary landscape painting.
Art on the Green
17 - 18 August
Art on the Green is staged on the green at Milford on Sea, often the 2nd weekend in August This has become an outstanding venue and always attracts a large number of visitors and buyers.
Milford on Sea
Hampshire Open Studios 2019
17 - 26 August 2019
Hampshire Open Studios is an annual art trail where the visiting public can meet artists in their homes, studios and galleries free of charge.
New Forest
Amsterdam International Art Fair
30 - 31 August 2019
Amsterdam Int'l Art Fair is the international art fair in the Dutch city that brings over 100 exhibitors from around the globe for Amsterdam to enjoy!
Opening Doors to Imagination 2
30 August - 04 October
An exhibition by local artists Julia Heissig and Helen Evans at The Forest Arts.
New Milton
Early Court
Date to be confirmed
Art in the Yard is a monthly pop up outdoor community art event for viewing a variety of work on display by local artists.

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