Art Exhibitions and Events - July

Visit local art exhibitions and community events in July.

Browse through the list of local events in July or define your search by selecting the town in the search. You will find a variety of local events including art club exhibitions, community projects, exhibitions and art workshops.

06 - 14 July 2019
11 July – 22 September
Art Exhibition Stockbridge
13 - 14 July
Art in the Garden Stanwell House
13 July
Art in the Garden is a new outdoor art event by The Local Art Scene. Working with local venues, The Local Art Scene can create venue specific outdoor art exhibitions.
Milford Art Group Exhibition
27 July - 10 August
Milford on Sea
Art in the Village
Date to be confirmed
Art in the Village is a pop up art event being held on The Green at Milford on Sea.
Milford on Sea

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