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Art Exhibitions and Events - March

Visit local art exhibitions and community events in March.

Browse through the list of local events in March or define your search by selecting the town in the search. You will find a variety of local events including art club exhibitions, community projects, exhibitions and art workshops.

St Ives
01 February - 2 May
Current Exhibition: Jeremy Le Grice
Aubrey Beardsley
Central London
04 March - 25 May
Current Exhibition: Aubrey Beardsley
Aubrey Beardsley shocked and delighted late-Victorian London with his sinuous black and white drawings. He explored the erotic and the elegant, the humorous and grotesque, winning admirers around the world with his distinctive style.
06 - 31 March
Current Exhibition: Trace: Distilled Nature
07 March - 18 April
Current Exhibition: Pete Gilbert & Hugh Lohan
08 February - 11 April
Current Exhibition: Lindsay Seers: Every Thought There Ever Was
08 January - 11 April
Current Exhibition: Traces: Kitty Hall
10 January - 29 March
Current Exhibition:
Central London
10 March - 4 April
Current Exhibition: Natural Order - Michael Staniak
Andy Warhol
Central London
12 March - 06 September
Current Exhibition: Andy Warhol
This major retrospective is the first Warhol exhibition at Tate Modern for almost 20 years. As well as his iconic pop images of Marilyn Monroe, Coca-Cola and Campbell’s soup cans, it includes works never seen before in the UK.
12 March – 2 May 2020
Current Exhibition: Dom Sylvester Houédard: tantric poetries
14 February - 30 May
Current Exhibition: Go On Being So
14 March - 26 April 2020
Current Exhibition: Theo Deproost
20 March - 2 April
Current Exhibition: A Celebration of Land, Sea and Skyscapes
21 February - 21 June
Current Exhibition: Beyond the Brotherhood
Nude Tin Can Gallery
St Albans
22 February - 9 April
Current Exhibition: ALL OR NOTHING - Somewhere, Some Place
With art exhibitions, unique paintings, sculptures and designer jewellery - art lovers will experience original quality art and one off pieces at affordable prices.
Bertozzi and Casoni
22 February – 12 April 2020
Current Exhibition: Virtual Tour - Beyond The Vessel
The exhibition has moved to Messums Wiltshire from the Koç Foundation in Istanbul where it has attracted over 40,000 visitors is one of the biggest exhibitions of contemporary ceramics to have been mounted in the last decade in Europe.
27 February - 25 June
Current Exhibition: Stepping Stones: Christy Ni
28 March - 02 May
Current Exhibition: Land Use
28 March - 02 May
Current Exhibition: In Search of Northern Soul
Child Okeford
28 March - 25 April
Current Exhibition: Sally McClaren: The Passage of Time
29 March
Current Exhibition: Gallery Open Day
Empty Bowls Lymington
Event postponed till the summer
Current Exhibition:
Lymington Empty Bowls 2020 is a fundraising event for New Forest Basics Bank, which provides food for those in need.
March 27 - April 23​
Current Exhibition: NESS by Stanley Donwood

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