Art Exhibitions and Events - September

Visit local art exhibitions and community events in September.

Browse through the list of local events in September or define your search by selecting the town in the search. You will find a variety of local events including art club exhibitions, community projects, exhibitions and art workshops.

02 - 24 September
06 - 08 & 13 - 15 September 2019
08 - 10 September
12 -15 September
15 September
Blandford Forum
Sam Haywood Recital
16 - 22 September
Our concerts take place in the beautiful St Thomas Church. Over the past four years many local people have kindly offered to help in whatever way they can, contributing to the relaxed and friendly atmosphere which pervades the festival.
Art in the Garden URC
21 September
The SWA 2019 Open Exhibition
24 - 29 September
Submission Dates: 28 February - 20 June
Central London
Cambridge Art Fair
27 - 30 September
Cambridge Art Fair brings a fantastic selection of respected UK and international art galleries and dealers to the Eastern Region.
Paul Best
September 21 - 28
Paul Best and Rebecca Galbraith will be holding an exhibition of their paintings to explore the theme of 'Place'

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