Flying Ducks Gallery

Healing Journey by Michelle Hold
Let's Lend a Hand by Gerard Osenele Ukpan
The Monach in Stripey Pyjamas by Jason Pengell
Rose by Lana Dulbinska
Flying Ducks Gallery

Flying Ducks Art Gallery offers Art with Attitude for the smart modern art buyer. Carefully chosen artwork for the discerning art collector with an independent mind and great personal style. Fill your walls with art that is sassy and makes a statement, has wall presence and leads to thought provoking conversation. Choose art that dances on the canvas with gentle delicate strokes for those quiet and peaceful corners of the home. Inspirational art that creates memories, from exceptionally talented artists. Curating your own art gallery is all part of the adventure and experience when purchasing artwork from Flying Ducks Art Gallery.

44 Station Road, Stone, Staffordshire
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