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Turn our visitors into YOUR potential customers.

The Local Art Scene takes away the stress of promoting local artists, galleries and events online and helping with their local and national marketing. Our annual membership listing is your online gallery helping you to show potential customers examples of your work and giving them the opportunity to contact you direct.

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  • Featured banner spot. Banner rotation at the top of relevant searches including regions and towns
  • Top of page display. Membership listings appear at the top of each search in alphabetical order
  • Your own web page that acts as your website. Your page will show up high in the Google searches. People clicking on the link will land on your page
  • Gallery of 6 images. This can be examples of work, inside and outside of your premises or lifestyle pictures.
  • Video playback. If you have a video about you or a tutorial, we can add your video to your page
  • Outbound links. We will add your website and social media links. If you have a website, this will increase your positioning on the search engines and drive traffic direct to your own website
  • Contact form. Avoid spam and receive genuine email enquiries
Listing Renewals / Quick Pay
If you are a new or existing member of The Local Art Scene and you would like to pay without going through our online shop, click on the Buy Now link below.

We will create your listing for you!
We are a human-edited website and we will create your online profile for you.
Once approved, you will then be able to access your listing and make ongoing changes and amends. Or, send us the changes and we will do it for you.

If you were recommended by an existing member or were handed a postcard by a local partner, please enter their name or Booking Ref here.


Thanks to the local art scene, I'm getting many more enquiries about my work and lots more sales. Thank you
Sally Hamilton - Hampshire
Many thanks to Trevor Hart for organising yet another successful Art in the Yard as a vibrant contribution to Lymington Arts Festival. You and Trina champion the local art scene day in day out, tirelessly ensuring diverse opportunities for local artists to exhibit and sell their work. We would struggle without you and are very grateful for your efforts on our behalf.
Marion Royle - Hampshire
Combining on-line and local has to be a perfect balance. In fact a gem of a site and from an artists' perspective a very approachable set up.
Peter - Sidmouth
I discovered The Local Art Scene during a google search for ways to promote myself. The joining fee is very reasonable considering the prompt and professional service provided. My page looks fabulous and I'm looking forward to working with The Local Art Scene.
Lorraine - Portsmouth
I discovered The Local Art Scene through an advert on social media and am very impressed by the work that it does for the world of Art. I have recently joined The Local Art Scene as a member. The local contact has been fantastic, responded to my application swiftly, has been immensely helpful to me with perfect communication at all times. The Local Art Scene comes highly recommended.
Flying Ducks Gallery - Staffordshire
After applying for The local Art Scene, I was delighted by the quick set up and correspondence involved in setting up my profile. Its great to have a human touch to this online space.
Carla - Bristol
I am really impressed by the speed at which my webpage on the local art scene appeared top of Google. Amazing price and amazing service.
Sally Hamilton - Hampshire

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