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The Local Art Scene provides a one-stop shop for discovering local art in over 500+ communities across the UK. Our easy to search regions enables our viewers to find local artists, galleries and events in all towns and cities across the UK.

No more website worries...
Your web page on The Local Art Scene is the best alternative to having your own website!
No more:
  • Domain & hosting costs
  • Endless updates
  • Struggling with image sizes
  • Forgetting to renew your domain name
  • Out of date websites

We do it all for you!

Annual Cost £50

Click on the Pay Now button above and we will do the rest! Upon receipt of your order, we will contact you for your basic information and a selection of images, from which we will create your online listing.

What you get?
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  • Featured banner spot. Banner rotation at the top of relevant searches including regions and towns
  • Top of page display. Membership listings appear at the top of each search in alphabetical order
  • Your own web page that acts as your website. Your page will show up high in the Google searches. People clicking on the link will land on your page
  • Gallery of 4 images. This can be examples of work, inside and outside of your premises or lifestyle pictures.
  • Video playback. If you have a video about you or a tutorial, we can add your video to your page
  • Outbound links. We will add your website and social media links. If you have a website, this will increase your positioning on the search engines and drive traffic direct to your own website
  • Sell online. For artists only, we will add 2 works to your online gallery. (10% sales commission for online sales. ie using our shopping cart facility. 0% sales commission on direct sales. ie if someone contacts you direct to buy your art.)
  • Contact form. Avoid spam and receive genuine email enquiries
  • Click Here for an example of an artist listing

We will create your online profile for you.
We take away all the hassle of populating and updating your online portfolio - at no extra cost! Order your option below and we will do the rest.

If you were recommended by an existing member or were handed a postcard by a local partner, please enter their name or Booking Ref here.

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