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Your webpage acts as your own online art gallery, display your current work for sale.

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Keep all your links and contact details in one place so your customers can find you with ease.

  • Your page appears on first page of Google
  • Google links direct to your page
  • Gallery of work for sale
  • Tell them more about you or your services
  • Links to all your social media
  • Links to your own website or third-party website like etsy
  • Links to the events you are participating at
  • What clubs and societies you are a member of
  • Your gallery of work for sale

New Artists Always Welcome!
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Why Join Us?
The Local Art Scene was launched in 2016 and is viewed on average over 60,000 times a week by visitors looking for art galleries, artists, exhibitions, suppliers and events in their local area.

For less than the cost of a classified advert in a monthly art magazine, your listing on The Local Art Scene will last a full 12 months and be exposed to an annual audience of over 2.8 million visitors!

Choose from over 500 art scenes, or create your own!

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Photo Gallery ✔ 6 x images
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Sell Art Online ✔ 10 Artworks
Members' Pop Up Art Gallery Daily Pitch Fee Applies
Annual Cost £100
How Do I Create My Listings?
Select the 'Add to Cart' button and checkout using our online ordering facility. You will be asked to create a user account. Once your payment has been processed, you will be able to access the site using your new username and password and upload your advert to this website.

Your online art gallery
Included in this package is 10 artworks for sale. These will appear on your page as well as in the site's main 'Buy Art' catalogue. Our gallery commission is 20% of the sales value. When an order is made, we will send you the customers contact details and payment less our commission. It is the artist's responsibility to liaise with the customer about delivery options and payment.

Each new listing is added to our online shop and includes image, dimensions and price.

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