Art Labor Gallery

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ART LABOR Gallery is a contemporary gallery based in Shanghai. Winner of Time Out magazine's "People's choice award for best gallery in Shanghai" in 2014, Twice as Ringier Media's "Most Outstanding Gallery 2017" and That's Shanghai's "Best Gallery award for 2017", listed twice on Modern Painter's top 500 galleries world wide, and ART INFO's 20 best galleries in Asia list, the gallery has always strove to find unique artists, both emerging and established, from both China and around the globe. We based ourselves in Shanghai because it is fast becoming the centre of artistic creation and financial power in Asia.

ART LABOR is pleased to present Shang Chengxiang’s first solo exhibition in Shanghai, “Borderline”. This exhibition features brand new art works, alongside paintings dating from 2014, offering a wide scope on this very talented and imaginative artist’s abilities to the Shanghai audience!

Partially inspired by the Surrealist master René Magritte, Shang’s works are influenced by this style yet remain true to his own unique presentation, palette and subject. Shang usually produces several different series of works simultaneously, with dreams and dream states a major source of ideas. His imagery wavers between this world of pure imagination, and reality, meanings hidden within these seemingly peculiar and fantastic scenes, waiting for the audience to interpret and decode.

Name: Borderline - Solo exhibition
Date: May 12 - June 15, 2018

101 Haifang Road, Shanghai, China
86 - 21 - 6245 6963

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