Sculpture by the Lakes

A Haven of Peace and Tranquility Nestled in 26 acres of Dorset's glorious countryside lies the sculpture park, Sculpture by the Lakes. It features gardens bursting with colour, pristine lakes, a meandering river, woodland and wild areas all interspersed with monumental sculptures by one of Britain's leading contemporary sculptors, Simon Gudgeon. Simon's vision was to create an environment that blends nature's beauty with inspiring works of art free from the constraints of enclosed spaces of a traditional gallery. The sculpture park has been carefully landscaped and curated to ensure each piece is positioned to enhance it's aesthetic qualities as well as the visual surroundings.

There is also a cafe on site, The Gallery Cafe which serves delicious food and drink, much of which is sourced from our own kitchen garden metres away from the kitchen.

Due to the deep and fast flowing water unfortunately we do not allow dogs or children under the age of 14.

Opening Hours: 

Wednesday - Sunday 10am - 5pm

£10 per person
Pallington, Dorchester, Dorset

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