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Local Artists

Browse through our directory of local artists to view examples of their artistic style, browse their current work for sale and contact them direct.

Admirals Cup
Woodwork | Hampshire
Adrian's hand crafted yachts are inspired by his daily job, working with yachts and motor boats in Lymington's Yacht Haven.
Alan Chapman
Paintings | Kent
Margate based artist painting mainly in watercolour and oils. Limited edition prints and greetings cards.
Purple Smarties
Paintings | Hampshire
Having spent many years toying with art, I now have a specific style that I like to describe as Fluid, Abstract and Drip Art influenced by and inspired from the likes of Jackson Pollock, Dawn Crothers, Stephen Lee and an artist by the name of Swarez.
Manta Ray by Andy Baerselman
Sculpture | Hampshire
Angela Perrett
Glass | Hampshire
Angela Perrett's work is about surface and time, accompanied by an interaction with forces natural and man-made.
Ann Leonard
Paintings | Hampshire
Golden Dawn
Paintings | Hampshire
With previous generations of her family steeped in the farming life, it is perhaps not surprising that Ann Squire grew up surrounded by a motley collection of animals.
Female Landscape III
Sculpture | Hampshire
I am a sculptor. My work has been exhibited in galleries in the UK and France and has been purchased by private collectors.
Beautiful Valley
Paintings | Surrey
Antonella works in acrylics, water colours and mixed media which give her the flexibility to create paintings that reflect her personal view of Italy.
Arkadiuz Nowicki
Ceramics | Hampshire
Born in Poland, Arkadiuz now lives and works in the New Forest. He creates his vessels from white stoneware clay, a strong and resilient medium.
Man with Attitude
Illustration, Graphic | Berkshire
In the dim and distant past Arty Pumpkin studied Graphic Art at Camberwell College of Art. Having fulfilled her; earning a living and childrearing responsibilities, she returned to her love of drawing, especially life drawing.
The Old Lifeboat by Audrey Hammond
Printmaking | Hampshire
Audrey derives inspiration for her beautiful watercolours and pastels from the Cotswold landscape and the coastlines of Dorset, Devon and Hampshire.
Paintings | Hampshire
Barbara studied art at school in Ireland where she obtained her GCE in the subject along with several grades of RSA Examinations.
Baxter Bradford
Photography | Hampshire
Baxter is a freelance photographer. He divides his time between Lymington and Cornwall. The two places constantly inspire his passion for landscape photography.
Monet's Garden
Photography | Hampshire
Bev’s inspiration is found in the local boatyards and coastal areas, especially with the ephemeral colours, patterns and textures found on boat hulls and boatyard detritus.
Biddy Hodgkinson
Paintings | London
Brought up on a farm, Biddy experienced the constant cycle of birth, life and death. A fascination with this still holds, and Biddy’s inspiration is drawn from close observation of life cycles in nature.
Young Bull
Illustration, Paintings | Hampshire
Bobby is an artist, illustrator and muralist living in the heart of the inspirational New Forest.
The Bag Lady
Paintings | Hampshire
Brenda paints in several mediums and contemporary styles. Able to slip with ease between the challenges of portraiture, human form, landscapes, still life and abstract work, she passionately strives to capture the spirit, mood and emotions that inspire and often compel her to paint.
Left with Suitcase
Sculpture | Somerset
I work in lime wood, which is a beautiful wood to work with, it is easy to work, yet holds its edge so well. It also turns a lovely warm colour over the years. Many early English church sculpture was in lime and then gilded or painted.
Bristol Suspension Bridge
Paintings | Bristol County
Carla James graduated from the University of the West of England in 2006 with a BA(Hons) in Drawing and Applied Art.
Kalahari Lion
Sculpture | Hampshire
Carol is a sculptor, pastel painter and photographer based in the New Forest. She specialises in African animals, mostly the big cats and cheetahs.
Caroline Hall
Paintings | Hampshire
Caroline works from an open studio in Winchester where visitors can come and go whilst she paints. ‘I am not an artist who yearns for solitude.
Photography | Hampshire
Over the last few years I have developed an interest in photography inspired by the local landscape. Living on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire provides a wealth of inspiration with woods, open heath and coastline.
Paintings | Hampshire
Cathy has been drawing from an early age and has always loved to draw animals, nature, wildlife and landscapes.
Man V Nature
Paintings | Hampshire
Chris likes painting foliage and ‘the chaotic, messy bits of nature – the bits people walk past or over without noticing’. Working in oils and at life size, Chris has a meticulous eye for detail and a wonderfully quirky view of the world.
Paintings | Hampshire
West Bay Wave
Paintings | Dorset
Christine works mainly with acrylics which lend themselves well to the subtleties of the ever changing mood and colours of the Landscape.
Paintings | Hampshire
Seascape 31
Photography | Kent
Claire specialises in limited edition prints and greetings cards. She has an MA in Textile Design from the Royal College of Art in London, and designed knitwear for Alberta Ferreti and Valentino.
Tea Bowls
Ceramics | Dorset
Claire is based in Christchurch, Dorset and has an MA in Three Dimensional Ceramics from the University of the Creative Arts, Farnham in Surrey.
Forward Cloud
Paintings | Hampshire
Claire works from a wonderful garden studio, and is one of our most popular contemporary landscape artists. We love Claire’s subtly evocative colour palette and painterly treatment of stormy Dorset skies, reminiscent of J W Turner’s paintings.
Petal Parade
Paintings | Hampshire
Growing up in Wales I spent my youth being drawn to the fields and beaches of the Gower Peninsular. Escaping the city to surf, and relaxing in the fields around camp fires, I found myself being happiest immersed in either the waves or sat amongst the flowing grasses and flowers.
Blue Jugs
Ceramics | Hampshire
Doreen Toulson
Paintings | Hampshire
Italian Hill Village in Winter
Paintings | Hampshire
Eileen's paintings are inspired by local and Cornish landscapes, harbours and coastlines. Artwork ranges from representational to abstract in acrylic and mixed media.
Highland Cow
Printmaking | Hampshire
I am a Hampshire artist specialising in screen printing. I first started screen printing whilst studying for my A level art at Peter Symonds College in Winchester. It is a technique that really inspired me and I used it in my final piece for my A level.
Just the three of us (Southwold)
Paintings | Suffolk
Emma Saunders is a fine artist living and working from her studio in Suffolk, England. After attending Ipswich School of Art, she later gained a BA Hons at UCS (affiliated with the UEA) and has exhibited nationally and internationally and has works in private collections.
Blue Boat Series
Ceramics | North Yorkshire
Distinctive and unusual ceramic sculpture in raku and stoneware, with modifiable and 'nest-able' units in a range of scales which combine to create a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts.
Fish Jugs
Ceramics | Dorset
I have been making pots for over 40 years. Clay is a magical material. It amazes me that you can start with just a ball of soft, plastic clay and end up with a solid, durable item to use in your home everyday.
Porcelain Vessel
Ceramics | Hampshire
Gail specialised in ceramics and exhibited her work at New Designers in London – the annual showcase for the UK’s top graduate designers.
Geoff Storer
Paintings | Dorset
Machina by Geoffrey Robinson
Paintings | Dorset
My approach to painting has always been to look inside myself, rather than to interpret what goes in through my eyes. I make the paintings I want to see.
Close Call
Paintings | Hampshire
George has, over the years, produced extensive portfolios of subjects ranging from figure, wildlife and still life to land and seascapes.
Fish by Georgina Estella
Paintings | London
Georgina Estella, aka Mystik Lilac, is a 20 something year.old artist from London and a mother of three. She has an eclectic taste in art and loves to experiment with different styles of abstract and pop art.
Landscape 1 2016
Paintings | Hampshire
I'm a painter. I make other kinds of work - installations and readymades - but really, it all relates to painting on one or more than one level: the process, the classification, the history, of painting.
Seeds of Life
Paintings | Hampshire
Now I am retired, I am enjoying having the freedom to spend my time painting and experimenting with different art mediums.
Textiles | London
Gohar was born in Persia (now Iran) and spent her childhood years in France and Pakistan, soaking up the diverse visual language of those cultures.
Graham Dore
Sculpture | Dorset
Graham produces a variety of artwork ranging from wall hanging pieces and small items for use indoors, to larger sculptures for our outdoor display.
Hannya Robinson
Paintings | Hampshire
Hannya was born in Manchester and has lived in and travelled to many corners of the world. Her paintings signify and represent her adventures.
Para Universe
Illustration, Graphic | Dorset
Harrison has already crafted a style that has become extremely hard to follow. His attention to detail and comfortability with technical drawing, combined with a philosophical outlook on life, makes Harrison’s artwork exceedingly decorative and hugely insightful to any open minded observer.