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advert profileYour online presence is your frontline marketing tool!
So why not let us take the strain out of managing your art business online.

Using a combination of social media and good old search engine optimization, The Local Art Scene can significantly improve your internet presence.

I have my own website, but I am not getting any hits

With billions of other art related websites, what makes yours stand out? Unless someone searches for your name and location, they are not going to find you. The Local Art Scene has over 4000 search terms indexed on google and because the site is so big, the search engines reindex the site daily, making sure that your listing appears on the first page in no time at all. You will also be found on town specific searches by people who have not heard of you before!

I don't have a website. Do I need one?

Your listing on The Local Art Scene acts as your own website, saving you the extra expense of creating, hosting and maintaining your own. Your listing will appear high on the search engines ensuring that people searching for you, will click through to your online profile.

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2,364,000 Annual Visits

Currently attracting over 197,000 visitors per month from organic searches and social media links, The Local Art Scene is a leading online platform for promoting art in your local community.

We can do it all for you!

If you would prefer, we can work with you to create your online profile. Once your order has been received, we will create your online advert and upload your images to ensure that your profile is search engine friendly. Once posted live, you will then be able to access your profile to make any necessary text changes and updates during the course of your advertising period.

Your advert includes:

  • Instant exposure to web traffic
  • Appear on search engines
  • Country listing
  • Regional listing
  • Town listing
  • Website link
  • Photo Gallery of 6 images
  • Google Map
  • Social links
  • Video Playback

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