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If you are an artist, art gallery or putting on an art event in your region, join The Local Art Scene and we will provide you with a profile listing to help you start promoting your art business online.

Sponsored AdvertThere are many benefits to joining The Local Art Scene:

  • Let our visitors become your buyers!
  • You will get seen by an established audience of over 44,000 weekly visitors to the website.
  • Continually marketing online to ensure we have page one rankings for artists and local pages on the search engines.
  • We can create and update your profile for you, giving you the time to concentrate on running your art business
  • We share all our members' listings on our social media and include them on our e-newsletter
  • All pages can be easily shared on Facebook and Twitter
YachtseekArt Marketing Opportunities for Members
The Local Art Scene is committed to creating new ways of helping its artists members to gain additional exposure for their art in areas normally unavailable to them. These new opportunities will be provided free as part of the annual membership fee.

Join us now, and let us help drive your online presence to the heart of the art communities in your region.

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