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The Local Art Scene was created as a way of finding local galleries, artists, art exhibitions and events when visiting towns and cities.

The Local Art Scene is a cost effective way of promoting yourself to art buyers, galleries and customers in your local area.

We specialise in search engine optimisation. All pages and images on the website have been optimized to be indexed on the major search engines. As a result over 3000 pages are ranked in the top 10 search results, generating over 2million annual visits to the website. To help boost additional traffic, we also pay for Google ads on local searches.

Instant Online Exposure
Your webpage acts as your online presence, enabling you to be found easily on the search engines, whilst being visible to an instant audience of over 4,000 daily visitors to the site.

Get found on Google with a listing on The Local Art Scene.
Here are some examples of our members' Google rankings:

  • Melissa Hardwick Artist - #1, #2, #3
  • Trina Hart Artist - #1, #2, #3
  • Sally Hamilton Artist - #1
  • Jabulani Gallery Milford - #1
  • Marion Royle Artist - #1, #2
  • Eileen Sey Artist - #1
  • Lindsey Cole Artist - #2
  • Janie Penny Artist - #2
  • Coastal Gallery Lymington - #2
  • Uma Aslam Artist - #3
  • Peter Goodhall Artist - #3
  • The Salt Marsh Gallery - #3

Join us and turn our visitors into YOUR buyers!
Here are some of the benefits of listing your art / business here:

  • Over 2.1 million visitors per year!
  • Human-edited - We create your listing for you.
  • Let our visitors become your buyers!
  • Continually marketing online to ensure we have page one rankings for artists and local pages on the search engines.
  • All pages can be easily shared on Social Media
  • We will create your profile for you, giving you the time to concentrate on running your art business
  • We will share your enhanced listing on our social media and include you on our e-newsletter

The Human Touch
Unlike the majority of our competitors, we provide the human touch. We will assist you at every step. Place your order and we will do the rest. All you need to do is send us your images, specifications and costs we will complete your pages for you.

Listing Options
If you are a professional artist, art gallery or offering a service, please choose from the following listing options:
Sell My Art Local Listing
Regional listing
Town listing
Description Unlimited Unlimited
Telephone number
Website link
Image Gallery 6 x Images 6 x Images
Video Playback
Social Media Links
Email contact form
Sell Art Online ✔ 10 listings
Annual Cost £100 £60

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