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Local Art Partnership

Local Art Partnership

The Local Art Scene is offering exclusive territories to individuals and companies interested in supporting and promoting art in their local communities.

Our local partners act as our local agents, promoting themselves and our marketing services to artists, galleries and event organisers.

Local Listing Sales
Our partners earn commission on any listings sold to local artists, galleries, suppliers and events.

How it Works?
The annual set up fee for joining our partnership is £150.

As part of our local art partnership we provide a full listing, which promotes each partner to a local and international audience interested in supporting local art.

Our partners appear in the margin banner on all pages specific to their area and on the Local Partners page.

Booking Reference Code: Each partner is allocated a booking reference code which must be entered on the online order form in order for us to allocate commission. This code can be found at the base of your online advert.

Nationwide Sales: Partners can promote and sell memberships nationwide and are not restricted to just their appointed local area

Commission: Any orders using your affiliate/booking code will result in a 25% commission of the listing value. For companies VAT registered this will be included in the 20%, as we are not VAT registered. Payment is made via Paypal once a week. An invoice is required in order to release funds.

Target Bonus
Reach a target of 10 new listings and we will pay you a bonus of £50.


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