Local Art Partnership

Local Art Partnership

We are looking for like-minded companies and individuals to join us and support artists, galleries and events in their local area.

Promote yourself locally and support local art in YOUR community

How our partnership works?

We are appointing local partners in towns and cities across the UK and worldwide. Each partner is then responsible for promoting online membership to local artists, galleries and art suppliers.

What we provide our local partners?

We provide our local partners with the following:

  • Exposure on own town portal for personal promotion for the term of the partnership
  • Margin banner with photo and contact telephone number on relevant town pages linking to a full profile, consisting of:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Website link
  • Email contact form
  • Social media links
  • Description / Artist Statement
  • Gallery of 4 images
  • 250 Postcards (See below)

Isle of Wight PostcardsIsle of Wight Partner

A6 Promotional Postcards

The front cover of our postcard to designed to feature our local partners. This can be examples of artistic work or in the case of a local business, photos of their premises and products for sale.
The reverse gives some information on the local partner and details on joining their local art scene. Also printed on the reverse in the partner's contact information and their unique affiliate/booking reference code, which is used to track commissions when an online order is placed. This code must be entered when ordering online listings to enable us to allocate commission to a specific partner.


Any orders using your affiliate/booking code will result in a 45% commission of the listing value. For companies VAT registered this will be included in the 45%, as we are not VAT registered. Payment is made via Paypal once a week. An invoice is required in order to release funds.


  • Nationwide Sales:
    Partners can promote and sell memberships nationwide and are not restricted to just their appointed local area
  • Booking Reference Codes & Commission Payments
    Each partner is allocated a booking reference code which must be entered on the online order form in order for us to allocate commission.
  • Postcard Reprints:
    Partners can re-order reprints with a 25% discount which can redeemed at checkout

Partnership areas

To check which areas are available, please click here.

Postcard Quantities

Increase the quantity of postcards and save money on reprints.

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